"Health is the outcome of political struggle" - @FlyEgret Mark Anthony Clayton-Johnson, kicking off @PublicHealth talk on the intersections of abolition, health, and organizing lessons from recent years in LA & nationally. #APHA2022

It's election day! Click below to find your polling location. #ElectionDay #YourVoteIsYourVoice


In Phase II of #ProjectREFOCUS, we're committed to building trust with our pilot communities, as well as empowering ethnic-centered media outlets with #publichealth tools, training, and research. #PRatAPHA #APHA2022

Our project co-leads, Dr. @MonicaLPonder of @HowardU and @DrChandraFord of @RacialHealthEq! It's an honor to work under Black women scholar-activists committed to fighting racism in public health *and* amplifying the lived experiences of communities of color. #PRatAPHA #APHA2022

APHA's Annual Meeting & Expo @APHAAnnualMtg

Q8: Who is your public health hero and how do they inspire you? #APHATweetUp

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