Supporting ResilientCommunities

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Toxic Stress and Coping

Lived and Vicarious Trauma


Media frames have an impact on community lenses and identities
Mass media images of police brutality, social injustice and stigmatized deaths (e.g. COVID) can have negative psychological impacts on communities of concern.

Medical Mistrust and Confidence


Medical mistrust, vaccine hesitancy and other nonadherent responses to public health recommendations are tied to racist, historical trauma.
▪ Mistrust of the public health and healthcare sectors is longstanding and well-documented, especially among African Americans.
▪ It stems from historical as well as ongoing experiences with unequal treatment and racism within the healthcare system.
▪ The mistrust reflects legitimate concerns about racism, and therefore, should not be conflated with science denialism (e.g., climate denialism, anti-vaccine sentiment).

Promoting Community Connectedness


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